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 Chat Guidelines

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PostSubject: Chat Guidelines   Chat Guidelines I_icon_minitimeMon May 18, 2015 11:39 pm

Our rules are pretty simple to follow. We expect common sense to be used from all guests.
-Don't talk over videos if a video is playing. We understand that videos don't load when you join a room, and this rule will be bent a little bit.

-Don't cause so much drama that I (Frost) get drug in to deal with it. You won't like how I handle the drama. If you continue to cause shit to the point that I have to deal with it, I'll ban you for a week no questions asked.

-With that said, this isn't a safe haven, like Gaypride was. This room was created and is run by mostly people who give no shits. So don't expect to be watched over and taken care of like we're in daycare.

-Don't argue with the mods. I get tired of hearing about how people argue with the mods constantly, and then get mad after being banned. The mods don't really care what you do or say, but arguing over stupid shit...

-I will not tolerate shitty trolls. Trolling is fine, but when you say stupid shit with the intentions of starting a blown out argument, banned. General debate is fine, but coming in and saying that gay marriage is against the constitution, you're done.

-Frosts decision is law. I give no fucks who you are, who you're friends with, who your parents are.

-Don't threaten my chatroom. If you decide to maliciously attack my mods, my room, myself, or my friends, I will personally deal with you. Let's be honest, I'm more than knowledgable of the darker sides of the internet.

-Don't spam, Derp. That includes but is not limited to inviting people to your own tinychat room. I will crash any rooms linked in the chatbox. THIS ALSO INCLUDES SPAMMING PICTURE SNAPS. One is fine, but if we're playing a game and you're spamming snaps, you'll be banned. No questions asked.

-Oh and Proto bans for spamming links. Very Happy

-Don't bother me on skype, in PMs or anywhere else unless it's important that I NEED to see it. Mastermods are around to deal with petty drama bullshit issues. I have enough shit to deal with without having to get people unbanned because they're trolls.

-The open mic rule. If your mic is open to where we can hear background noise, We WILL close you. If you have an open mic like me, where you can mute your sound while it's still "on" you're alright.

-Nudity. This is an arguable rule, since we do play games that somewhat encourage "nudity". Essentially, if you're ballsy enough to get naked, go head. You'll probably get banned though.

Face it. We're a bunch of trolls running a tinychat room. There isn't much we ban for, that isn't common sense. So try to behave yourself a little bit and act like a decent human being, and we'll be golden.

Chat Guidelines Frost311
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Chat Guidelines
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