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 Bot Commands

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PostSubject: Bot Commands   Mon Apr 06, 2015 5:45 pm

Exposed Videos
Use !exposedvideos in the room

Simple Response Commands
!chuck !botter !uptime !spin !rate !flip !ethnicity !td !drug !namemycock !roll !food !slap !nirvana !urb !word !xilo !pimp !conch (8ball) !killer !random !joke !twink !frost !perma !frost !zeppy !welcome !f !c !time (place) !ounce !gram !foot meeter !inch !cm !powerbottom !pro  !warn !warn1/2/3 !snickers target !yanner !witch !alexx !brad !bread !league !lol !spank !frosted !add !remco !rage !whorundis !naked !cock !ping !ricky !tyler !bored  !sex  !pedo !imgur !neck !kupkake !redsparks !hi !fuckwolf !warning !werewolf !theo !sh0rty !dialmos !paresie !wolf !vodka !wine !trippy !vitality !basic !vitality !nipgame !chestday !salem !icant !moist !trish !sly !cunt !shadow !halp !forshame !cupid !ein !wings !modapp !mikebartender !roomrules !banbi !craig !bday (only for birthdays !tanner !drew !dickpics !hale !ryan !vodkatime !exposedvideos !jonas !twerk  !advert !chase !jedimike !foreskin !devinn !bush !nel !dood !depressed !ryan !promo !emergency !dick !123 !neck


Frost Specific Commands
!frost_  !fuckwolf !cheers !spampriv !warn !privmsg

Moderator Commands
!botter (username) will give the target "temp mod" status. Access to all of our commands (to my knowledge). Use it a second time to remove said status. The bot will PM the person with the guidelines I expect them to follow, just as I expect mods to follow.

!perma !kill (name) <closes that cam> !smite (person) <!smite is the !ban replacement.> !banaccount (name) bans the account from the room. Proto will read every profile as it joins the room. !autoban (name) Will autoban a users name. !push2talk followed by a users name will close that user, and PM them telling them to use push2talk. !autobanlist shows the list of autobanned names. !banword (word) <anyone that uses that word gets banned> !camban (bans anyone that goes on cam) !forgive (name)
Using !banword and !camban a second time remove the command.

Youtube Commands

!heman !grapefruit !maybe !theevilanus !dawnoftheanus !thewreckedanus !whodialedmyanus !readthatbitch
!atleastididntfallonmyanus !uhhuh  !pussypop !pussypop1 - !pussypop30 !mnk !theultimatepop !stfu !nobodycares

Youtube Playlists
!metal !disney !90s !country !classical !top40 !nightcore If you'd like to see a playlist, give me a list of songs in vertical order. I just need the code after the = sign. Should look like this "sadasdgg";

Botter Commands
!smite works for temp mods (botters) the same way it does for normal mods, with one exception. You need 2 botters to push a ban, or a !forgive command.
As far as I know, all the other mod commands will work just the same for a !botter as they do for a mod.

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Bot Commands
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